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Are you considering electing your LLC as an S Corp? Let's explore the essentials!

Are you paying thousands of dollars of unnecessary self-employment taxes each year? The S Corp election is for you.

Let Me Guess...

You’re Tired of…

Paying thousands of dollars each year in self-employment taxes.

You’re Ready to…

Save on self-employment taxes and have a consistent pay schedule that you’re in control of.

You Know…

The S Corp conversion will save you thousands of dollars, you just didn’t know where to start or how to elect.

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Imagine What It Would Be Like If…

  • The S Corp election was handled for you from start to finish

  • Your business bank account started paying your personal account automatically, without having to figure out those complicated details
  • You knew exactly how much to pay yourself annually, and felt confident in that number.
  • Your S Corp owner’s compensation was in-line with IRS standards, and you weren’t at risk for a reasonable compensation audit.
  • You could sit back, relax, and start saving money!

Switching from an LLC to an S Corp can bring potential tax advantages and increased operational flexibility, fostering a more tax-efficient and scalable business structure.


About S Corp Conversions and why consider it

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What Clients Are Saying...

“Andrea has been a lifesaver.”

I am clueless when it comes to taxes & the financial side of my business. I reached out to Andrea, and within days she helped me set up an LLC & convert to an s corp - I’m expected to save over $50,000 on my tax bill this year!!! She’s incredibly easy to work with and an invaluable asset to my business! 


~ Staci Rihl, First-Time Homebuyer Educator and Matchmaker

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out this information and things you should be up to speed on as a business owner when it comes to making the switch to an S Corp.

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